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About PND International

PND INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company is a Exhibition Organizing Company organize various exhibition of Electrical, Electronics and Appliances and Pro Sound, Light and Audio-Visual headed by professionals and Retd. Armed Force Officers.

We majorly focus on reaching the Professionals, Enthusiasts and Publics of the above mentioned categories, serving as a dynamic platform to bring the market and its people closer and creating new business opportunities, thus expanding the market. Most of the remote places are backdated with the market trend and amount of interest possibly spend by any organizer in reaching this exploited territories seems to be comparatively low, but we wanted them to be benefited and keep up with pace of world market in India.

PND itself it means Passion & Dedication and the definition of Passion N Dedication is when someone has a perception and a theory, they feel empowered with the fact that it could perhaps be their big break and their awakening to actually bring this idea to life.  This energy ends up turning them into a machine, one that knows no boundaries, limits, or restraints and wants to continue pursuing nothing else but their idea to come to reality. These concepts are what we call passion and dedication.


Passion is the driver that keeps us pushing forward with perseverance every day.  It is their belief in their projects that allows them to see it through to the end.  Without passion, it becomes almost impossible to overcome the odds of victory when failure is almost guaranteed for everyone. Passion evokes belief, which to this day is one of the strongest emotions someone can experience. When you believe that something must happen or believe in something, you end up becoming ambitious to reach new heights.


Dedication is the engine to your ideas that will help keep you shifting gears from objectives and creativity to get you to your destination, which in this case are the results you are seeking.  You have to continue having a positive vibe throughout this challenging decision you have decided to pursue. Like any road, you will come across bumps and U-turns, but it is ultimately up to you to choose which way to go.  Even the long way and patience will get you there.

Our Management Team

Maj. Sapna Sonar (Retd)

Chair Person & Co-Founder

Maj. Sapna Sonar, Chair Person of Company she has served in the Indian Army for 14 Years with unblemished record of service, she is in advisory committee for the company and plays vital role for taking company PND International Media forward with guiding principles, she is also responsible to lay the road map of the company as per the vision and mission and leading the Management Team.

Mr. Dilip Kumar Sonar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Dilip Kumar Sonar, Founder & CEO brings in 20 years of executive leadership in the company. In his role, he plans to drive a customer-centric focus throughout the company and broaden Bharat Electro Tech & Appliances Expo and Bharat Sound Light Expo brand nationally and visibility as a leader in the Electrical and Electronics Industry and Pro Sound, Lighting and AV Industry.

Col. Varadharajan (Retd)

Chief Advisor

Col. Vardharajan, Chief Advisor he has served in Indian Army 33 years of service including 1971 war, after retirement he also served in civil in various MNC and he also planned and successfully carried out various Exhibition PAN India. Management Services. He is responsible for driving PND International Media corporate affairs with the great patronage of Board of Management.

Mr. Yograj

Director-Strategy & Planning

Mr. Yograj, Director-Strategy and Planning he has worked in MNCs as Aeronautical Engineer and Aircraft Design Engineer brings in his executive and management level experience to the company PND International Media and oversee the company’s Strategy Planning, Operations and Campaign. and also he is leading Operations Team for day to day operations and supporting backend team.

Mr. Arjun


Mr. Arjun, Director-Administration he has worked in MNCs as Administrative Head brings in his management level experience to the company PND International Media and oversee the company Administrations and Logistics. Leading Administrative and Logistics Team to make company system in place and smoother operations he plays key role in the organization.